Ayurveda Workshop for Kapha (winter) balancing Diet/Lifestyle

by Kevin Pelrine

Earth & Water: Ayurveda for Kapha (winter) balancing Diet/Lifestyle

A class and workshop with Ayurvedic Mama Elisa Garcia de la Huerta. 

Join Ayurvedic Mama Elisa Garcia de la Huerta for an afternoon of lecture, conversation, kapha balancing meditation, aromatherapy and self-abhyanga (ayurvedic massage). During this hands-on healing journey, participants will be invited to experience Ayurvedic Mama’s unique fusion of sacred, alchemical processes for personal health and healing. Rekindle mind-body-soul balance as you take away simple, practical, empowering tools for daily self-love and self-care. This workshop focus on understanding the basic principles of Ayurveda specially applied to Winter season and Kapha constitution, which can benefit to any individual but specially those who tend to feel depressed, stagnation or overweight or any other imbalance during winter, focusing on routine and diet to empower yourself to improve harmony between your mind and body, stamina and vitality.

Sunday February 19th, 3-6pm
$25 advance/$30 at the door (suggested donation)
Space is limited. Reserve your spot

Email info@tarotsociety.us for more information


Please wear comfortable, loose clothing. Participants are encouraged to bring their own towel a blanket or a yoga mat. Oils and other essentials to the healing practice will be provided, including supplies to take home and begin your daily, self-healing spiritual hygiene manyana.
- Introduction to the principles of Ayurveda and Kapha (Earth & Water) (Winter) more in depth conversation.
- Simple asana (yogic stretching) and pranayama breath work to warm-up.
- A chakra-balancing ayurvedic meditation technique done while listening to a healing binaural soundscape. We will deepen our awareness of each chakra center in relation to organs and elements in our body.
- Ayurvedic aromatherapy for balancing our body’s earth element. Though the grounding effect of smell, we learn to connect deeply to nature. Drinking in the essence of 5 powerful essential oils, we’ll experience their benefits firsthand while learning how to apply the practice to our daily life.
-A guided, candle-lit body self-abhyanga ayurvedic massage to a binaural soundscape. We’ll go through the body’s marma points (energy pathways) as well as learn about the different oil bases appropriate to various body types and seasons. Through the healing effects of warm oil massage, we’ll consciously balance our body’s air and space elements as we calm the mind and heal the heart.
-Practical conversation about diet and lifestyle for Kapha constitution or any concerns in general to be able to confidently slowly start applying any of these tools into our daily routine.

About Workshop Instructor Ayurvedic Mama Elisa Garcia de la Huerta
In addition to being a holistic ayurvedic practitioner, Elisa Garcia is well known for her work as an interdisciplinary visual artist and co-leader of the radical feminist collective Go! Push Pops. South American by blood, Garcia situates her work within a family lineage of “Meicas” - herbalist medicine woman at work in the garden, earth and kitchen. Her approach to teaching incorporates divine feminine principles and consciousness-raising as the tools of transformation. Integrating her Chilean roots with sacred ayurveda, Garcia teaches that only when we find our own inner healer and begin to see ourselves as miniatures of nature, will we experience self-love. Her vision to balance the masculine and feminine energies within us all, heal her community and Mother Earth make Elisa a unique teacher. Through her particular, intercultural philosophy, you can empower and heal yourself utilizing the pillars of indigenous, eco-earth-conscious contemporary ayurveda - Awareness, Sustainable Living, Love, Peace and Patience.
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