Announcing a new class: Practical Tips for Tarot Reading with Dr. Al Cummins

by Kevin Pelrine

Practical Tips for Tarot Reading

Tuesdays January 24th and 31st, 7:30pm at Tarot Society ::: GET TICKETS HERE :::

Introducing a new 2 part workshop for all diviners who inevitably ponder these questions at one time or another:

"A lot of troubling cards are cropping up in this reading - how do i broach cautioning the client not to do something dangerous they seem set on doing?"

"Sometimes the cards feel especially “charged” after a good reading: is there anything particularly I can do with that, ritually?"

"I seem to read Tarot differently to anyone else I know, but how do I get better at my own style?"

"Having identified the issues facing me or a client, what magical actions can I take to get the most out of the situation?"

As anyone who has read Tarot for friends or clients an attest, being a skilled and effective diviner is about far more than simply knowing what Tarot cards signify.

It is about how to set a good question, and how to avoid inadvertent doom prophecy or self-deception. It requires setting boundaries and meeting expectations. It can bring up questions of ethics, honesty, ‘bedside manner’ and confidentiality. It also frequently challenges diviners in aspects of their own practices: from spiritual hygiene, protection and empowerment; to more shifts in perspective and approach to their craft.

In this 2 part workshop, Dr Alexander Cummins, a diviner, performance coach and historian of magic, hosts discussion and analysis of the wider practicalities of being a good Tarot reader. This will include exploring techniques for ensuring clarity, focus, insight, and eloquence in the readings we give, as well as investigating perspectives on spirit-work and sorcery as part of one’s divining.

Learn how to begin to develop your own techniques for reading Tarot; how to use significator cards in image magic and spell-craft; how to divine and execute magical assistance and remediating rituals to clients facing difficulties and attempting to ensure their success. Discuss best practice methodologies and perspectives on being a professional and ethical worker. Celebrate Tarot’s mysteries and magic.

Part 1: Professionalism
Tuesday Jan. 24th

In this workshop, we discuss best practice, ethics, and confidentiality, as well as styles of reading, communication skills, making and keeping healthy boundaries. It also includes material on techniques, rituals, and materia for keeping your space, tools, self and business spiritually or magically healthy, clean and sharp.

Part 2: Remedies
Tuesday Jan. 31st

This workshop deals with how to pull useful solutions from your readings - either cautioning a client to be wary of something, or advocating they do some kind of magical or spiritual working to alleviate unhelpful conditions and help secure beneficial outcomes. It includes tips on what herbs can be used for focusing on specific matters in a reading, as well as revealing hidden matters. Finally, we will explore ways in which cards can be used for operative sorcery, such as the image magic if using significators as poppets or ritually destroying cards that represent obstacles.

Dr. Alexander Cummins is an historian, poet, diviner, and magician whose work focuses on necromancy, grimoires, and folk magic, as well as divination. He lectures and facilitates workshops across Brooklyn and Manhattan. He reads Tarot, playing cards, and geomancy, with a style that includes proscription and prescription, delivering both fresh perspectives and practical magical remedies for the situations identified.

$20 each. All ticket sales are final. One does not need to take part 1 in order to take part 2. Mix as you please!

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