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Yoga Meditation for Deep Relaxation with Jenny Bloom

Are you feeling extra anxious or heavy as we enter NYC winter, or 4 months of cold, less sun and more coat?!

Would you like to melt it all away, and relax into oneness in this delightful Yoga Meditation workshop for deep relaxation? 

Then say yes!

After your long weekend of fun time and your long Monday of work, roll into Tarot Society, doors open at 7:30, for some warm tea and snuggles.

We will start at 8pm with some gentle movement, stretching and opening the body, before we do a long guided meditation done lying down in Savasana.

Come into a state of shinier and more inspired you as you release your physical, mental and emotional tension and we journey into the cosmotic, elemental oneness as a community.

" Thank your for being good to me/us! " (says a little voice on the inside)

See you on Monday night xox

Monday nights 8pm-9:15pm
$10 donation