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Tarot and Astrology: The Court Cards. A talk by Chris Goffredo

  • Tarot Society Gallery 4 Charles Pl Brooklyn, NY, 11221 United States (map)

Tarot and Astrology: The Court Cards


There are varying opinions about Astrological associations with the Tarot.  We will review Book T of the Golden Dawn, which is the primary source of the Smith-Waite Rectified Tarot and Crowley’s Thoth Deck.  We’ll look at the Majors and the Minors, but delve deep into the Court Cards.


The Court Cards have caused much confusion for readers.  What are they?  People in the querants life?  Parts of the querant’s personality?  Elements?  Ideas? A key to action needed?  Yes, they are all of those things.  My hope is to give you some tools to help sort out the Court Cards so that you can have more access to the message they bring during the reading.


Delphi/Chris Goffredo has over 20 years experience studying, reading and teaching Tarot and Astrology.  He is a member of the ADF Druid Fellowship, a student of Feri Anderson Witchcraft and a graduate of Penn State University in Sociology and Religious Studies.