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Mediums: Tarot Society at the Ace Hotel

  • Ace Hotel 20 West 29th Street New York, NY, 10001 United States (map)

Tarot Society (Darcey & Kevin) reading at the Ace Hotel as part of the series MEDIUMS curated by Bruno Coviello.
***To get a tarot or palm reading, you need to make an appointment. We will be reading between the hours of 3-9pm. Tell us how long of a reading you would like (15, 30, 60 minutes) Please make your appointment by emailing us at ***
Thank you! We look forward to seeing you. 

From the Ace Hotel:

For centuries, people more shrewd than we are have sought the wisdom of seers and sages for insight, guidance, and greater understanding of the metaphysical multiverses informing our every day lives. We recognize that these soothsayers and spiritualists see things that we can't always see for ourselves: energy fields, speculative futures, ephemeral vibrations. Then we had our own kind of vision: what if we were to invite these modern mystics to stay over with us?

Introducing MEDIUMS: a new, transcendental residency program at Ace Hotel New York that invites readers, clairvoyants and mediums of all mediums to vibe with the special energies of our mid-town home. We give them the space and time for their astral explorations, and they grace us with their extrasensory expertise — practicing in private in whatever way they see fit.

This month, we welcome two mediums fromTarot Society. The first is Darcey Leonard, who is a palm reader and empath. She combines learned palmistry, sharp intuition, and pragmatic advice for a unique reading that will give you deeper understanding of yourself, as well as action steps for the future. She is the founder of Tarot Society.

Kevin Pelrine is a tarot reader in the tradition of A.E. Waite, having studied tarot symbolism with Stuart Südekum. He is the co-founder of Tarot Society.

MEDIUMS is curated by Bruno Coviello, a multi-dimensional artist, musician, and medium based in NYC. His twenty years of practice is based in tarot, astrology, and New Age mysticism with countless private consultations across the country. Bruno has experience as an established artist in connection with such international venues and museums like Sydney Opera House and the Whitney Museum, as well as work in film and major labels; over the past several years he's curated tarot oriented events for Ace others. He was recently featured in Huffington Post as one of the readers "shaping Brooklyn's Alternative Spiritual Community."