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Practical Tarot: Between the Lines and Beyond the Books

  • Tarot Society 4 Charles Place Brooklyn, NY 11221 (map)

Practical Tarot: Between the Lines and Beyond the Books
A workshop on mysticism, divination, and self-reflection
with Kate White

This hands-on workshop provides a rare opportunity to bridge the gap in your personal practice between intermediate and advanced tarot fluency. Skills learned during this class are transferable to any other artistic-intellectual practices you may also be pursuing, though tarot will be the primary focus.

The first hour will involve a short lecture on how to cultivate your own unique meditative and divinatory methodology followed by a Q&A discussion. Please come armed with any questions you have involving divination, tarot, or your personal mystical practice in general. Nothing is toostrange. In fact, this may be the one place you can ask just about anything.

The second hour will be devoted to tarot exercises as well as energetic clearings to remove any psychic debris hindering you from connecting more fully to your inner mystic, creative, or divinatory process. No matter your experience walking in, you will be challenged to read yourself and others with a deeper level of authenticity.

Please bring your favorite deck[s], paper, and a writing utensil.
About Kate White:
A mystic and artist with deep respect for the scholarly path of the Hermetic Tradition, Kate is a natural intuitive and empath with practical experience in divinatory readings (tarot, I Ching, astrology, coffee grounds), inducing trance states, and working with subtle energy meridians. 

She believes that the greatest gift tarot can offer is not attachment to a fated result but rather a refinement of the lens through which one perceives the world, creating a healthier and more empowered relationship to mysticism for decision-making and conscious personal growth.
Kate will be available for private readings between 10 and 11PM.

$35. Space is limited. Please book in advance.