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Auditory Driving & Acupuncture

  • Tarot Society Gallery 4 Charles Place Brooklyn, NY, 11221 United States (map)

We are pleased to bring you another Auditory Driving session with the very skilled acupuncturist Kate Henderson (aka Thermos Unigarde). 

Limited to 10 people.You must RSVP to confirm your spot!

Please come a few minutes early to settle in and get comfortable. Bring something comfortable to lay your head on. If you would like acupuncture Please RSVP! Anyone is welcome to just come enjoy the sounds without acupuncture. Afterwards we will be serving tea, a small festive food offering, and a (mildly totally PG rated) psychoactive Kava Kava brew. Avail yourselves!

Our methods and intention:

Musical drones have been used as a device in indigenous cultures to induce hypnogogic trances for centuries. More recently, pulses, or beating tones, created through closely tuned drones have been proven through scientific testing to entrain brainwaves into desirable meditative states.

The National Institute of Health, through numerous articles and studies, describes fast monotonous drumming as having the potential to change brain pattern function and produce the kind of synchronized brain wave activity observed in meditation. The NIH says the result of exposure to this drumming technique can be an enhanced ability of “accessing unconscious information in visual symbolism and analogical representations; inducing interhemispheric fusion and synchronization; and facilitating cognitive–emotional integration and social bonding and affiliation.”

Acupuncture creates a change in the central nervous system that allows many patients to reach a dream-like state of relaxation simply from the insertion of needles into specific points on the human body. FMRI studies of patients receiving acupuncture show elevated activity in the limbic system of the brain, release of endogenous opiates, serotonin, and and influence on the activity of other brain neurotransmitters. By combining these techniques. we hope to maximize the potential for transformative states of being to occur.

Kate Henderson, LAc is a licensed acupuncturist and NYC based drummer/electronic musician, performing solo as Snaykhunt. She also works in collaboration as K0Ks with Megan Moncrief, with Pat Noecker/RAFT, and Limax Maximus with Robert L. Pepper. She was the founder of LOXM NYC, a collective of female experimental artists and curated performance series. Kate also writes for Tom Tom Magazine.