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Divining Love in the Age of Shakespeare: talk by Dr. Al Cummins

  • Tarot Society Gallery & Reading Room 4 Charles Place Brooklyn, NY, 11221 United States (map)

Divining Love in the Age of Shakespeare

Love is one of the most ubiquitous human mysteries - one which frequently inspires us to seek the honest appraisal and spiritual guidance that divination offers.

This class will concentrate on the history and philosophy of divination concerning love - from the folk ceremonies of St John’s Eve, to dream-incubation rituals, as well as more computational systems of diagnosis and counsel such as astrology, geomancy, and card-reading.It will cover pre-modern occult approaches to love, examining the magical dimensions of infatuation, desire, reciprocity, and compatibility. Such magical methodologies for investigating love examined the body, mind and soul as well as underlining a central importance of the heart in early modern ideas about romance, healing and magic. This talk will also chart approaches to various associated pathological conditions, such as obsession, love-sickness, erotic melancholy and hysteria.
Magical comprehensions of the subject and object of affection in the early modern period combined humoural theory, star-lore, and emergent alchemical ideas - along with traditional occult philosophical premises and principles such as reflection, contagion and sympathy - to chart, negotiate, and fulfill our passionate affairs, proposals, heartbreaks and commitments. 

While the heart may well “want what it wants”, this talk will explore how divination can act as a key to unlock a better understanding of those mysteries of Love.

Tarot readings by Dr. Cummins available after the event. 

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***All products and readings are for "entertainment" purposes only. NO INSTANT LOVE SPELL IS 100% GUARANTEED!***

Dr Alexander Cummins is an historian, poet, and diviner. His doctoral research examined magical approaches to emotion in early modern England, concentrating on love magic in its many forms. He is very happily married to a wonderful woman, with whom he looks after a beautiful cat.