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Astrology Workshop on the Synodic Cycles of the Moon and Venus

  • Tarot Society 4 Charles Place Brooklyn, NY 11221 (map)

Event Description

Synodic Cycles of the Moon and Venus
An Astrology workshop by Kevin Uehlinger

The Moon and Venus are the two traditional signifiers of "feminine" energy in western astrology. In this interactive workshop, we will explore their motions in space-time and how they relate to our natal charts, discovering our personal connections to these patterns.

Looking at the Moon, we will focus on the significance of eclipse cycles, the Metonic cycle and its role in biorhythms (especially fertility and emotional-physical patterns).

Looking at Venus, we will focus on the 584-day cycle of Morning Star/Evening Star and its role in balancing masculine-feminine energies, as well as the 8-year synodic return cycle and its role in social life.

This workshop includes synodic cycle information for each registered participant who provides their time, date and place of birth.

Kevin Uehlinger began his study of divination in 1998 when he first encountered the I Ching. In the summer of 2000, he experienced a dream that called him to work with the Tzolkā€™in, the Mesoamerican Sacred Calendar. He has practiced Western Astrology since 2003, offering consultations in natal and horary astrology. He is a member of the Zodiac Lounge. 

Saturday March 12th 3-7pm
4 Charles Place
$50. Advance tickets recommended.