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Introduction to Geomancy with Dr. Al Cummins

  • Tarot Society 4 Charles Place Brooklyn, NY 11221 (map)

Introduction to Geomancy with Dr. Al Cummins
Tuesday March 15th. 7:30pm

Geomancy, while not necessarily a terribly well-known system of divination, has much to recommend it. In this introductory talk, Dr. Alexander Cummins – a historian of magic and a practicing geomancer - will walk us through the history, practice and magic of this art. Whether you are a professional astrologer, a seasoned card-reader, or a newcomer to divination tools and techniques, this class will offer you further useful skills and resources for your own practice and understanding. 

Geomancy consists of only sixteen ‘figures’ yet these figures are combined in incredibly specific charts (known as ‘shields’) to render very particularanswers. Like Tarot, geomancy incorporates astrological symbolism although does not use any astronomical measurement or methods. Instead, it sets its ‘shields’ by various means of generating random numbers and interpreting them using mathematical operations.

While geomancy’s earliest origins arguably lie in Arabic traditions, it swiftly becomes popular across Europe in the late medieval period, as well as bearing many similarities to traditional African forms of divination. Likewise, the mathematics underlying geomancy contribute to the development of calculus and, eventually, binary code and the computer chip. 

Finally, the talismanic use of geomantic figures was considered by many Renaissance magicians to bridge a divide between divination and operative sorcery: offering a range of elemental, planetary and zodiacal magical techniques. This class will explore some of these ways in which various divination tools can be used to cast spells.