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Channeling Your Intent - Working With Natures Magical Tools with Black Moon Lilith Apothecary

  • Tarot Society 4 Charles Place Brooklyn, NY, 11221 United States (map)

A discussion on personalizing and programing your tools for magical purposes.

Hosted by Paige A. Flash
Creator of Black Moon Lilith Apothecary  / $10

Our earth is alive with all types of vibrational forces. Many demoninations of the occult implore these external forces in their practice. I will go though the physics as well as the metaphysical philosophies behind why we use certain tools for certain purposes. I will also cover how to remove unwanted energy, infuse with your intent and use for both internal and external magical purposes.

Tools to be touched on:
Earth- Herbs, Oils
Air - Smudges, Insensce
Fire - Candles
Water - Ritual Baths

How to work with Crystals:
The physics of crystals
How to choose them
Clearing and reprogramming them
How to use them for healing the body and the environment

How to use salves for psychic work:
Flying ointments
Dream salves
What they are and how to use them