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Order in the Court! A workshop on the court cards with Chris Goffredo

  • Tarot Society 4 Charles Place Brooklyn, NY, 11221 United States (map)

Order in the Court
A talk & workshop focusing on the Court Cards by Chris Goffredo. 

Unlike the archetypal and spiritual meaning of the Major Arcana, or the practical meaning of the Minor pip cards, the Court Cards remain a mystery and problematic for many readers. 

What do the Court Cards represent? Actual people? Aspects of personality of the person that you are reading? Suggested Actions? The balance or imbalance of elements? Yes, all of that. So what do you do when they appear in a reading?

Tonight we will focus completely on the Court Cards. We will review the Court in depth and the many correlations for each card. Also, we will do a few exercises that will open up your intuitive ability and give you more tools to be a better reader.

I will also discuss the confusion between the Court of the Thoth Deck compared to the Waite deck.

Order in the Court
Wednesday May 11th, 2016
7:30 PM
Tarot Society
4 Charles Place Brooklyn
(J or M Myrtle Ave Stop)

Chris Goffredo/ Delphi has been a professional Tarot Reader and Astrologer for over 20 years. He was one of the readers from Altar Egos/Predictions with owner Roger Pratt. Currently, he is the acting Senior Druid of the Inis Ull Apple Isle Grove of the NYC ADF (Druid Fellowship). He is also a student of the Anderson Feri Witchcraft tradition.