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Stop, Drop, and Roll: Identifying and Getting Rid of Negative People.

*Stop, Drop, and Roll: Identifying and Getting Rid of Negative People with Lynn Sabulski


Do you keep getting involved in damaging relationships? Do certain people make you uncomfortable for reasons you can’t explain? Are you a sensitive person or empath struggling with boundaries?

In this installment of Witchhack, we’ll explore some of the not-so-obvious mechanics behind getting pulled in by negative people, identify early warning signs, and discuss techniques for safely disengaging. (2hrs.)

*Stop, Drop, and Roll is a pre-requisite for other sessions in the Witchhack series. 

The ultimate goal of Witchhack is to assist people in developing their intuitive abilities -- a process which requires vulnerability, maturity, and a safe space for working through deep emotions and trauma. To that end, the material covered in Stop, Drop, and Roll empowers participants to create a healthy environment that can support responsible personal growth. Participants will receive a small piece of reiki-charged rose quartz. 

Later Event: June 15
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