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Alice Aster's "Dolls of Dawn"

  • Tarot Society 4 Charles Place Brooklyn, NY, 11221 United States (map)

I am pleased to announce that a group of MaMas are taking our magic on the road this summer in the form of a Musical entitled Dolls of Dawn and are coming to a place near you!!! (you can also make your own title with the provided words-the Insanity Community irrational Communization Intimacy Show) This is a/many nonlinear story/ies about Persephone and her friends, a bunch of animistic dolls consisting of non-human creatures, schizophrenic/bipolar -prostitutes from poverty, a communist rodent, !?!? and witches. Persephone gets kidnapped by a Programmer in the Men's Rights Cult of the Manopticon- the New God of the technological age-and imprisoned in their Psychward Church Coompound after displaying too much power and being unable to fuck or cook for Mr Doug (kidnapper boyfriend) while having spiritual break throughs. 10 years latter Follie has stopped taking her Chemical Lobotomies and starts seeing the Goddess of Chaos and Creation Eris who is not seen by anyone else. At that same moment (or maybe not) Masculinity goes into complete Crisis and together Follie and Eris make a prison break and start her feminine fool journey of healing and understanding the magnitude of the world she lives in and becoming wildness. On the journey Follie then meets wonderful dispossesed femme creatures who have all broken free of the Manopticon who then help one another heal and figure out what it means to live freely and ferally in the apocalypse and reimagin relationships not confounded with power abuse, ego and instead create intimacy, understanding, friendship, love and magic. A relatable story to bring the kids to! 

With a strong focus on discovering the magic that lies within the experience of madness from its intense depths of the shadow to its most potent moments of awakening and clarity- Dolls of Dawn is a show for and by Crazy Witches, pathologized femmes and those whose behavior and experiences of reality do not fit into a normative linear rational narrative. Dolls of Dawn asks the viewers to stretch their minds open to see femininity and magic as effective ways to combat internal and externa social modes of (wrong)pathology and the entire structure of abelist capitalist white supremacist cisheteropatriarchy. 

We are internested in playing non traditional as well as traditional spaces- the story can be adapted to suit the viewings of children as well. please help us book shows!!! We are specifically interested in performing for audiances that consist of fellow mad people as well as queers and femmes and freaks of all kinds. This show is very strange so get ready and get excited.
It runs approx 45 mins-1 hour but since those of us in the tour are also Musicians and Performers we can adapt things to be shorter and are interested in doing shows where we just play music/perform and don't necessarily do the whole play.

Nessie & Her Beard will provide instrumental music to accompany the play and song-sets to further move your spirit.

Writen, Directed and Performed by Alice Aster
ft the Dolls: 
Follie Passion
Menstral Prostitute Strangel
Theifie Hookie Strangel
Mr Doug
the Manopticon
and Mr. Doctor

Tour dates
May 18th- New Orleans
May 20th-Tennessee
May 21st-Lousiville KY
May 22nd-Bloomington IN
May 23rd-Chicago IL
May 24th- Milwaukee WI
May 25th-Milwaukee WI
May 26th- Wisconsin summer camp
May 27th- Madison WI
May 28th- Minneapolis MN
May 29th- Chicago
May30th- Ann Arbor
May 31st- Detroit
June 1st- Columbus
June 2nd- Columbus
June 3rd- Pittsburg
June 4th-Baltimore
June 5th-Buffalo
June 6th- Toronto
June 8th- Montreal
June 11th- Portland MN
June 12th- Boston
June 13th- providence
June 14th- New York New York
June 15th- New York New York