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Type and Tarot: An exploration of Carl Jung's personality system

  • Tarot Society 4 Charles Place Brooklyn, NY, 11221 United States (map)

Many people know their four-letter Myers-Briggs type (e.g., ENFP, ISTJ) and that the system derives somehow from Carl Jung, but the ins and outs of Jung's typology often remain mysterious and unexplained.

In this workshop we'll explore the Jungian basis for the 16 personality types and consider how Carl Jung's personality system can help illuminate and inform our understanding of not only ourselves, but also the minor arcana and court cards of the Tarot.

In the first part of the workshop we'll define and explore Jung's personality system—including the two attitudes; the four cognitive functions; and the superior, auxiliary, tertiary, and inferior functions—and consider its role in Jung's thought and in a person's individuation. (If it ever felt like the 'J' and 'P' were particularly mysterious, this is the event for you!)

Next, we'll have some hands-on time to take, score, and interpret a type indicator questionnaire* to get a sense of the concepts as they apply to ourselves . Along the way, we'll discuss pitfalls and limitations of this approach and discuss personality adaptation and change.

In the final part of the workshop, we'll examine some connections between Jung's typological theories and the Tarot, with particular attention to how the minor arcana and the Court cards can be interpreted and understood from a Jungian perspective.


Date: Sunday, June 26th from 4:00-6:00pm
Location: 4 Charles Place, Bushwick
Cost: $10

About Charles Olbert:
Charles is a fifth year doctoral student in Fordham University's clinical psychology program and brings an eclectic background to his study of human experience. After a brief stint as an astrophysics researcher he studied Western philosophy at UNC Chapel Hill before eventually pursuing clinical psychology, with special interests in psychoanalysis and humanistic psychology. Charles has a longstanding interest in language and symbols with a special interest in Tarot, and graduated last Fall from Stuart Südekum's 19-week course on Tarot symbolism. He has maintained daily practices of dream journaling and Zen meditation over the course of many years, which have fueled his interest in how rituals and habitual practices inform and shape self-exploration.

* Note: this workshop does not provide or constitute a formal psychological assessment or evaluation.

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