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LA: Red Moon at Tarot Society

  • 5152 La Vista Court Los Angeles, CA, 90004 United States (map)

Tarot Society Presents: 

Red Moon
at The London House
Wednesday October 18th 2017

Hosted by Erin Leigh Bonfire 🔥 

Red Moon is for women, of all ages and all cycles.

We created this time to give honor to our unique cycles that we experience each month in our bleeding and in our going through menopause as well as many years leading up to it.

This is a place where we can meet at the same time, let go to take care of ourselves and each other. Take a step back, be present in the here and now, allow ourselves to slow down without any set plan or agenda. 

Red Moon is a place where women are honored, and we honor our own journey of womanhood. 

Draw, journal, bring a book to read, trade energy work or massages, feel safe to express your emotions, do menstrual Magick in a supportive environment, be open to letting go and seeing what can transpire together. 

It is time for us to release shame and judgement surrounding our cycle and womanhood. We are here to reawaken women to the long suppressed power and sacredness of our bodies, for thousands of years the patriarchy has been devaluing the feminine and have rendered menstruation and our vulvas as taboo; women have carried this burden of shame for countless generations. 

Honoring the power of our menstruation and also our own power as women, embodied vessels of creative potential, whether we bear children or not, has a sacred purpose, and it is our right to menstruate as we feel fit for ourselves and be given the opportunity to discover our own hidden sacred powers of the dark womb of Manifestation within us. 

At Red Moon
...Healthy & nourishing food & beverages will be served.

...Feel free to also bring your favorite dish or beverage or something to share if you'd like. You can bring along with you whatever activity you'd like to do yourself or to share with others, or don't bring anything at all.

...Interact, or don't, as much as you'd like. It's up to you. This is an open safe and sacred space to explore yourself free of judgement or expectations.

...You don't need your tampons, pads, or cups here. If you want to free bleed, please do, bring your own towel. You can be free to bleed naturally, as your body was intended to. 

...Join us even if you're not bleeding. Maybe you're about to, or simply but want to connect openly with other like minded women. You are accepted here. 

Let us honor and embrace each other! 

Let us take back our Sacred Power, acknowledge the Divinity that lies within us all —listen to the innate Wisdom of the Feminine.

The time has come for us to listen closely to The Mother. 
From The Darkness of the Sacred Womb we all came.

Let us utilize and honor the power that lies within The Darkness of the Sacred Womb. She has been pushed aside long enough to snuff out Her Wisdom….

But She Will not be silent. 
She Will return to her Power.


Red Moon
Located at: 
The London House
5152 La Vista Ct
LA, CA, 90004

$8 Early Bird Tickets, single admission:

Please be advised there is no parking directly on La Vista Ct, but there is plenty of free street parking on the near by side streets off of Van Ness. 

For questions or for more information, please contact:
Erin Leigh Bonfire