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Films of Robert L. Pepper and Damien Olsen-Premiere The Chase

Films of Robert L. Pepper and Damien Olsen-PREMIERE OF “THE CHASE”

Tarot Society Gallery & Reading Room
4 Charles Pl, Brooklyn, New York 11221
8 pm

In conjunction with the “Visionary Art” show running the month of May. The Tarot Society presents two films by contributing artists Robert L. Pepper and Damien Olsen. 

Two films of absurdist, experimental audio/video presentations. We take the everyday banal situations and turn it into something intense and surreal. 
Inspired by hungarian film director, Béla Tarr's concept of the "Cinema of Patience",
Robert and Damien presents to you a more intense, psychedelic
version of this idea. 
The videos are best experienced in a complete viewing to get the full feel of losing oneself in it.
Stop and listen, stop and see, stop and take the time to have a full enriching experience. Not just with this video but with life.

Also screening "The Oroom" in memory of Mark Nolan Blackman. 

1) Unreality TV : Dinner With the Olsens

Donna Fiscina
Damien Olsen
Robert L. Pepper

Produced and Edited by : 
Robert L. Pepper

Additional Audio and Video by : 
Damien Olsen

Damien Olsen

2) The Chase - Destination - The Tank (PREMIERE)

Directed by Robert L. Pepper (Pas Musique)
Starring Damien Olsen

The art of motion and change. The second edition in a series of absurdist, experimental audio/video presentations. 

Starring Damien Olsen

Scored by Damien Olsen and Robert L. Pepper (Pas Musique)

Filmed in 2009
Scored in 2016

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3) The Oroom

A surrealiistic film about rebirth. 

In Memory
Mark Nolan Blackman

Directed by
Mark Nolan Blackman

Assistant Director/
Robert L. Pepper


Isak Tiner
Emily Marie Pope
Chelsea Glassman
Daniel Borkan
Jon V. Worthley
Amber Brien

Tracks by Pas Musique

From the "Pure Energy Output Sessions" 
release as PAS.

Originally Released in 2010