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LA: Feast of Hekate at Tarot Society Sunday Social

  • 5152 La Vista Court Los Angeles, CA, 90004 United States (map)

Divine services for the discerning seeker! 

Join us at The London House, a historic landmark! 
This Sunday from 3pm-9pm
Tarot readings, healing, spiritual guidance & more!

SPECIAL Open Ritual & Potluck! 
Feast of Hekate Ritual! 

Come by for a session or simply swing in to mix and mingle with local Magickal folk! 


This week at Tarot Society: 

Walk-in Readings 3pm-9pm
Open Ritual & Potluck
9pm-10pm; bring a dish to share!
Let us commune with Hekate! 

About Hekate and Feast of Hekate: 
Hekate is the goddess of magic, witchcraft, the night, moon, ghosts and necromancy. She was the only child of the Titanes Perses and Asteria from whom she received her power over heaven, earth, and sea.

She is a liminal Goddess who is present at all the boundaries and transitional moments in life. She is an evil-adverting protector and guide. 

The archetype represented by Hekate was honored in many cultures as the wise woman, the guide to the Underworld and the great revealer of the mysteries and one of her Feast days is traditionally August 13. 


✨Hosted by Samus Andramada

✨Darcey Leonard is offering Tarot, Palmistry, Reiki, and Oracle decks. 

✨Erin Leigh Bonfire is offering Tarot, Pendulum readings, Reiki, Chakra & Aura readings, and mini massage therapy sessions.

✨Tamar Lalenya is offering her Tarot expertise.

✨Jamie Jameson will be offering Past Life Sessions, Mediumship, as well as Tarot. 

There is no door fee to attend our Social or Rituals. 

Our readers and healers negotiate their own rates for sessions, generally ranging from around $25-$65. 

Refreshments will be served! 

We are located at 5152 La Vista Ct. On the left side of the building in the back.

There is plenty of free street parking located on Van Ness and other nearby streets.


✨🌙 More about our Readers and Healers 🌙✨

✨Darcey Leonard
Darcey Leonard is a palm reader and empath who has been studying hands for over 15 years. She combines learned palmistry, sharp intuition, and pragmatic advice for a unique reading that will give you deeper understanding of yourself as well as action steps for the future.

She is the creative director and producer of The House of Screwball, and founder of Tarot Society. 

✨Erin Leigh Bonfire
As a practicing Buddhist and Witch most of her adult life, the past 21 years of her life has revolved around Magick, Healing, and expanding consciousness. In true Scorpio style, with a touch of fire, her reading style is a bit transcendental, a bit blunt, and a bit off the beaten path. 

She received her Certification for Massage Therapy in 2007 from National Holistic Institute, although she has been practicing bodywork for a total of 13 years. She received her Reiki Master and Teacher training at world renowned Infinite Light Healing Studies Center in Sedona, Arizona. She feels it is her life mission to bring awareness of higher levels of consciousness & share healing with others. 

✨Tamar Lalenya
Tamar has been practicing Buddhism since her childhood and is a natural Witch. She has been reading Tarot at Los Angeles events and for local celebrities for the past 10 years. Tamar is also a Tarot Society Tarot Teacher and Resident Reader. She is intuitive and empathetic and her style is spot on. Her readings provide great insight and wisdom.

✨Jamie Jameson
Jamie is a beatnick, and a truly outstanding reader with 60 years of experience in the field of mediumship, past life regressions, and reading Tarot and she is Tarot Society's official "Crone!" Her abilities enable her to contact loved ones that have crossed over as well as get guidance from the Spirit realm. She can assist you in healing from past lives by taking you on a journey into your spiritual past as well as offer her insight with Tarot readings! 


We Are Tarot Society. 

Tarot Society began its roots in Brooklyn, New York with founder Darcey Leonard and has now spread its branches to Los Angeles, California at the historical London House where a shared passion and vision created an organic Feminine Trinity with the collaborative works of Tanya Love and Erin Leigh. 

We believe that all Magick and Healing has value. 

We work with a Co-op Collective Consciousness to grow as individuals and expand our personal capacity together for the benefit of ourselves and our community. 

We honor all gifts of knowledge and healing that every individual has to give and receive. 

And grow together. 

For ourselves.
For All. 

We Are Many. 
We Are Tarot Society.