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[BK] #RECLAIM — A Conversation About Sexual + Emotional Health

  • 4 Charles Place Brooklyn, NY, 11221 United States (map)

#RECLAIM — A Conversation About Sexual + Emotional Health

Hosted by Cherry and Artymis Collective

Monday, February 12th
7-11 PM
Tarot Society Brooklyn

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and what a better time to open up a dialogue about what it means to have sexually and emotionally healthy relationships. Between #metoo and Time’s Up, the topic of sexual harassment and assault has been a hot one in the media. #RECLAIM seeks to dig deeper than that and address a matter that’s been itching at the back of everyone’s minds — why is it that almost everyone we know has faced sexual misconduct and emotional abuse? What about our culture makes these issues so prevalent? How can we work together to make sure our interpersonal relationships, both sexual, romantic, and otherwise, are rich with communication and respect, and free of toxicity and harassment? Let’s get into the nuances of consent, vulnerability, and emotional health. Join us for a night of speeches, poetry, music, and discussions.

$5-10 sliding scale cover charge
Food and merchandise for sale!

Words/Music by -

Makaela Duran-Crelin
Mikaela Johnson Harris
Hailey Noel
Gigi Venus

+ more TBA

Cherry is the alter-ego of Brooklyn-born artist Marina Espinet. She explores intersectional feminist, political, and personal themes through song, poetry, performance, and visuals. Cherry's music is rooted in rock n’ roll, but floats into neo-soul, R&B, and experimental pop territory. She is an Aries and a proud Latina of Puerto Rican/Brazilian descent.
IG @lacherrycita

Artymis is a space for femme creatives. Based in NYC, they are a group of artists dedicated to giving femme-identifying people a platform to express themselves and access a broader community. The collective released their debut EP, “artymis ep 1”, and first installation of their seasonal zine on January 15th 2018.
IG @artymiscollective