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Tarot for Empaths with Elizabeth Crisci

  • 4 Charles Place Brooklyn, NY, 11221 United States (map)

Tarot for Empaths

Empaths wield a double edged sword. While sensitivity makes you particularly intuitive and able to connect with the emotional and mystical realms, you are particularly vulnerable to burnout in it’s various forms. There are many practices that can help an empath fortify their personal boundaries and cleanse their own energy of contamination. This workshop will introduce you to several ways to work with energy and boundaries to create a safe space for you as well as anyone you are reading for.

In addition to talking about pre- and post reading rituals we will have fun examining emotions within the Tarot. We’ll take a look at several cards that relate particularly to emotions and empathy, as well as a few of the cards that might be particularly meaningful to empaths. By comparing different decks we can gain personal insight into the symbolism and deeper meanings behind the deck. 

$15 advance / $20 day of

Elizabeth was born to a Matriarchal family of powerful women who taught her Divination and Mysticism from a young age. She received her first deck at age 10, which she continues to read from herself. Tarot have been with Elizabeth throughout her life, she has experienced the power of their insight time and again and values them dearly as a tool for understanding Past, Present and Self above all. As a reader, she is empathic and offers tools for creating balance and finding peace with the query as well as the response. She enjoys the vibrance of large group settings as well as the depth of intimate one on one readings. Her influences come from Tantra, Buddhism, Paganism and Astrology. Elizabeth also teaches yoga and meditation, creates gemstone jewelry, leads ritual, and has been told she was most certainly a water nymph in her last life.