Erin Bonfire Leigh


Erin is a Priestess of Hekate, practicing Buddhist, Healer and Divination Oracle. In true Scorpio style, with a touch of fire, her style is a bit transcendental, a bit blunt, and a bit off the beaten path.

The past two decades her life has been devoted to the practice of divination and healing, as well as study of Metaphysics and the occult. It is her life mission and passion to bring higher levels of consciousness while sharing healing & knowledge with the world. She specializes in the Healing Arts working as a Massage Therapist, Reiki Master & Teacher, and knowledgeable aromatherapist creating custom body treatments & Magickal potions for her clientele. Erin also focuses on custom Spell & Ritual Craft and cleansings of both the body & home. She is talented in Tarot, Pendulum and Oracle of Hekate Readings; giving a broad perspective & unique Elemental strategy to any situation or inquiry. As a Priestess of Hekate, she holds ritual regularly, offering study of Hekatean Magic & Initiation into The Mysteries for those who seek this wisdom.

She received her Certification for Massage Therapy in 2007 from National Holistic Institute, and has been practicing bodywork for 14 years. She became a Certified Reiki Master & Teacher at world renowned Infinite Light Healing Studies Center in Sedona, Arizona in 2013. Erin has actively practiced Buddhism for 14 years, and has been practicing Witchcraft & Hekatean Magic for over 20 years.