Jess Lynch


As a reader I act as an interpreter of the visual and symbolic language of the tarot to see how patterns in the past and present are working towards shaping a potential future.  Although there are situations in life we do not choose or cannot avoid, we can choose the ways in which we react and create meaning from our life's story. It is my belief that the cards act as mirrors to reflect your experience back to you and allow you to access your own inner knowledge.

     I take a humanistic approach to my readings though they are also informed by my own spiritual practice influenced by Western ceremonial and folk magic, neopaganism, and hermeticism.  I seek to interpret the cards in a way that is honest, compassionate, and nonjudgmental. My goal as a reader is to help you gain clarity and insight on your present situation, to find an interpretation that is meaningful to you, and most importantly to help you learn how to apply this information towards creating change in your life. The tarot is a useful spiritual tool which reflects the variety and wisdom of the human experience, however it is my belief that the answers are not truly β€œin the cards,” ultimately they are to be found within you.